The Dignity Therapy Training course

After this 2.5 day course, participants take home a comprehensive toolkit including all knowledge and skills a Dignity Therapist requires. The working principles of dignity in care, professional interviewing skills and editing techniques are trained in an interactive learning module, drawing from psychology and journalism, will fuel the quality of everyday care.

Methods include role plays, training exercises, clinical examples, with an emphasis on learning by doing. Also participants without a professional communication background, develop the skills and confidence they need to encourage the sharing of memories, lessons and love in rich, flowing interviews and moving documents.

This training workshop will also address:
  • How to handle difficult interview situations.
  • Taking into account cultural differences.
  • Ethical considerations in the editing process.
  • The evidence-based scientific support for Dignity Therapy.
Dignity Therapy provides an evidence based tool to discover the person behind the patient, increase self esteem, improve social relations and so much more.

Who should participate?
This workshop is available for nurses, chaplains, counsellors, doctors, social workers, psychologists, activation therapists and creative therapists. Especially people in healthcare working with early stage dementia patients or patients at the end of life would benefit from this approach.

Training workshop size
The size of the training workshop is between 5 and 20 attendees, to ensure a personalised and interactive learning experience. Course completion represents 20 hours of professional development. Participants receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

No previous knowledge is required.
All necessary learning materials will be supplied. Reading the book "Dignity Therapy: Final Words for Final Days" by Harvey Max Chochinov is encouraged.

Costs and location
A Dignity Therapy Training can be offered in-house on location.
The Theological faculty of University of Zurich, Switzerland will host a 2.5 day Dignity Training Workshop in 2020, date to be confirmed.

The fee is 450 euro or 475 chf and includes the workshop, lunch (except on the halfday) and a workshop booklet. Registrations are transferrable.

Dignity Therapy Training Workshop

The essentials of applied dignity in care, advanced interviewing and editing skills in an intensive 2.5 day workshop